Life, like dancing, is about balance!

A New Year means something different to us all. To some, it’s just another day in the cycle, to others it’s the chance to put a year or a cycle behind them, a start fresh.

It’s the time of year where the indulgences of Christmas and NYE celebrations are followed by attempts to shed the weight we gained and follow desires to change. “Dry January” is something that many more of us are now conscious of after potential Alcohol excess in December, many of us feel our liver, kidneys and brain cells need time to recover.

As we see the adverts for sales, holidays, gym membership and quitting smoking all roll out like clockwork, do we ever really stop to think about what will make us happy and healthy this year? Or do we go through the motions until this time next year, when we’ll be making the same promises to ourselves in the full knowledge that we’re not going to stick to them then either? Sound familiar? It certainly does to me! 

So, is it going to be New Year, New You Part (insert as appropriate) or are you serious about making whatever adaptations you feel you need to make to your life and lifestyle (we all have something!)?

One person who was serious and did make significant changes to her life and lifestyle, is Marie Gray, an Oldham business woman who is hosting one of the first events of 2023 at Billingtons. It’s this event, Marie’s website and social media, along with the annual New Year process of self-reflection, which has inspired this piece. 

Marie describes herself as an “independent Tropic Skin Care Ambassador” and while I’m not going to pretend I know what that is, I do know from reading this page on her website, that Marie has experienced hardships and grief in her life. She’s not alone in that, we all do at various stages in our lifetime, but what is inspiring about Marie’s story, is how she has made positive changes to help bring herself through grief and the menopause with a focus on healing and self-growth. 

It’s tempting sometimes to look at life as though it is a series of individual years; another year older, another Christmas, another summer holiday, another year in a job you may or may not like. The Aborigines of Australia never had a concept of time, they have no need to know how “old” they are, they view the passage of time differently, the cycles that they follow are based on the flows of nature and being sensitive to those changes.

Menopause is a flow of nature that affects women differently and at different stages in their lives. How an individual copes with it can be affected by a number of lifestyle choices and habits. Marie is going to be discussing this topic at her Mood Shifter Power Hour event at Billingtons on Monday 9th January at 6.30pm. The event is free and you can reserve your place here

The main things that affect our mind and body are of course our physical and mental environment, our diet and movement. What we ingest into our mind is as important as what we ingest into our bodies. We often tend to focus on one thing, such as stopping drinking too much, as being the solution to our problems, however, when we stop drinking, we’re left with the reality of why we were drinking too much and another layer is exposed.

This is why it is important that people like Marie share their stories. I believe that everyone has a story and experiences of value which can and should be shared. Marie describes how she is now two years sober and how that decision has transformed her life. Well done Marie, that’s a huge change and one that is difficult to achieve in our culture and society. 

Life, like dancing, is about balance. We have a bar and a ballroom at Billingtons; too much time in one will affect the other… and that works both ways around! We hope that you will enjoy the variety of events at Billingtons and that more people like Marie, will want to use the venue to share their stories, inspire others and bring positive change to their community. 

From everyone at Billingtons, we’d like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2023. 

Written by Matt Dean


Life, like dancing, is about balance!